Case Study — Netflix’s New Feature “Netflix Together”


The Challange

The Solution

Design Sprint

User Research

  1. General questions about their use of Netflix and extensions like Netflix Party or Flickcall, from their motivations to how it fits into their overall experience and user goals.
  2. Observational user testing, where I asked users to use the extensions and amazon Watch Party and let me know the difficulties they encountered while using them, allowing me to observe their behavior and instincts in a realistic setting.
  3. Further questions about this process and about their experiences and feelings toward certain features of the Amazon Watch Party & Netflix Party Chrome extension.
  • Video Chat + Audio: Users desired a personalized experience when interacting with friends. Users valued seeing and hearing their friends face-to-face for immediate interaction. They desired a more meaningful interaction among friends to communicate while watching Netflix.
  • Navigation: Users wanted to be able to view the screens in different sizes according to their preferences.

Points of Designing

  1. Starting a party — To start a Netflix Together party in a user-friendly and personalized experience.
  2. Minimize Chat, Videocall or Netflix together feature from all views — A clear way for users to minimize sidebar options to display different features.
  3. Video Chatting — Allow users to have a live-time experience through video calling with mute options

Design System

New Feature: Netflix together

  • Starting of Netflix Together Party on Netflix: I have tried to simplify the steps and create a user-friendly experience by including a button in the info section of each movie or series. When the user clicks on the link, they can copy it and share the link from Netflix to watch the show together in video chat.
  • Video Chat & Text Chat feature: During my research, I realized that the biggest pain point for users was the lack of a more personal interaction option. I designed and implemented a video chat feature that would allow users to see and talk to their friends while streaming video, including buttons to turn the video on and off and mute it for customization. This project was prototyped for 2-way video, but I decided to limit the maximum number of video screens to 4 people to maximize functionality.
  • Hide Sidebar to Fullscreen Mode: Designed to incorporate a minimized sidebar icon in Netflix itself. Once minimized, it would prompt to show notifications and the user’s video on the black bar above the movie but for the limited screen space it is not possible to show this feature in mobile view user can always minimize the sidebar but the video chat will not be visible, unlike desktop view.


  • In-depth understanding of design sprint and design process.

Future Steps

  • Prototyping
  • Expanding this approach to other streaming platforms.



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